Thursday, January 30, 2020

Important actors Essay Example for Free

Important actors Essay The study of international relations has paved the way for the inclusion of important actors that contribute to the overall functions of practice in the international arena. In the course of time, actors involve in the practice has constantly been increasing due to the expansion of practice and scope in the area. Thus, there is a need to look into these actors and carefully assess their capabilities in promoting interests in the international arena. One important actor in international relations is the state. The capability of course by the state to formally promote relations with other actors circumvents primarily on its capabilities to function as one. According to (Williams, 2005, p. 2) â€Å"the contemporary nation-state is characterized by jurisdiction over territory, a political and administrative apparatus and the state recognizes no higher constitutional authority than itself. † Besides states, there are also other actors involve in the practice of international relations. Examples are individual actors, organizations, agencies and groups who also can help promote the functions of a state or the whole. According to (Williams, 2005, p. 2) â€Å"because individuals, groups and organizations acting in the name of the state are also sensitive to pressures and constraints other than international ones, including elite maintenance, electoral politics, public opinion, pressure group activities, ideological preferences, and bureaucratic politics. † In the course of history, there also had been developments in the international arena that paved the way for the emergence of transnational actors. Examples of these actors are transnational corporations and non-governmental organizations. They seek to promote the overall endeavors in the international arena. At the same time, as the world becomes more globalized, the tendency is there is a deeper avenue for them to promote their interests in the international arena. In the course of history, there had been tendencies of shifting of actor concentration in the international arena. That is why it is good to compare and contrast each actor’s importance in the practice of international relations. Looking at it, actor’s in international relations are primarily concerned in promoting their own interests. These interests are beneficial in the overall aim of the actor for its continued growth and sustenance. Looking at the point of view of interests, there are differences present between different actors in the international arena. A state may pursue its interest based on its overall welfare and capabilities. On the other hand, it may be different among other actors in international arena. An NGO may promote its interests founded on the protection of its ideology and welfare of its aim. Also, for transnational corporation, they seek to promote interests that are centered in creating benefits that would enhance their status in the international arena. With regards to relationship between nations, actors in international relations seek different mechanisms that will create an enhanced cooperation among different actors depending on the issue and interests being talked about. In addition, there has been an expansion of different theoretical paradigms to explain and argue on how actors affect different issues in the international arena. Thus, actors contribute greatly to the practice of international relations. There had been different theories and paradigms to suggest how these actors contribute to the overall process in the international arena. Lastly, these actors are primarily motivated due to their individual interests that motivate them to act accordingly. Work Cited T. L Williams. ‘Actors in International Relations. ’ 2005 accessed December 11, 2007; from http://209. 85. 175. 104/search? q=cache:I3UEDQx9zakJ:www. wadsworthmedia. com/marketing/sample_chapters/0534631894. pdf+actors+in+international+relationshl=tlct=clnkcd=1gl=ph.

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